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Thank you for your interest in a potential custom Barndominium or Modern Build with Davis and Reed Homes.

We operate in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience so we may discuss land acquisition, land improvements, construction loan, build cost, etc. and how we may assist you through this process.

We are delighted to announce
that D & R Homes is now providing
three distinct building options
to our customers.

You can opt for the traditional stick frame option, allowing you to have a basement.

Alternatively, you may choose the post frame option for a genuine barndominium build.

Lastly, we offer the D.I.Y. approach, which enables homeowners to participate in some of the finishes of the construction process.


We have some exciting news to share with our group. As per the current weather predictions for Q1, which anticipate a light, warm, and dry winter, we have collectively decided to continue working without a break. This means that we will not be implementing any 2024 pricing hikes until Q2 2024. To encourage construction during this quarter, we are offering a 5% incentive.

Additionally, credible sources have reported a projected decrease in interest rates six times in 2024. By the time we complete your job, you will have the advantage of a favorable interest rate on your mortgage.

Please follow this link to read the article pertaining to the interest rate.

Furthermore, there has been an increase in investor activity over the past month, with properties being purchased in anticipation of buyers returning to the market. This is a positive indicator of the housing market's performance.

In order to price any build - we have to consider the need for improvement and the primary dwelling construction cost. The best next step is to invite you into our office or a video conference to work through each component to arrive at an estimated price. Feel free to schedule a time using this link.

Please visit our YouTube channel for more information.

Please see our new customer presentation highlighting our construction method and standard offerings as part of your build.

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